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How to Remote Access a Computer Using TeamViewer

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Whether you want to access your personal computer from work, or you just want to prank your friends by saying you hacked their computer – you want to remote access a computer. Well, without the proper tools you won’t be able to. Thankfully, the tools are completely free. All you need is a computer to use for remote access, and a computer to be accessed remotely. Follow these 6 easy steps to get started!

Computer #1 – The Computer You Want to Remote Access

  1. First you will want to click here to download TeamViewer.
  2. Once you’ve downloaded the TeamViewer setup file, click or double click on the file to run it.
  3. Follow through the setup steps with default settings, unless you want to change the TeamViewer settings to your own preference.
  4. Once TeamViewer is fully installed it will automatically start itself up. You should have an ID and a password showing on the computer screen. Write this down, you will need it later.

    TeamViewer login ID and password
    TeamViewer login ID and password

Computer #2 – The Computer You Will Use to Remote Access Computer #1

  1. Go to your other computer, or mobile phone and install TeamViewer on that computer/phone as well.
  2. Start TeamViewer, and there will be one field to enter the ID you wrote down from the first computer. Enter the ID you wrote down and click the button below that field.

    TeamViewer login user ID submittion form.
    TeamViewer login user ID submission form.
  3. A message box will pop up asking for the password once the connection has been made with the other computer. Enter the password from earlier.

Now you should automatically connect to the first computer. When connected, you will be able to see the screen of the first computer and should also be able to control it using your mouse and keyboard.

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