How to Fix Outlook Hanging on Loading Profile

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Is your Outlook hanging on Loading Profile at start-up? You may only need to jump through a few hoops in safe mode. Don’t worry, just follow our guide to fix this problem permanently!

I am creating this guide using the Windows operating system. The process to fix Outlook errors may vary depending on your operating system.

Firstly, you will want to open up Task Manager and go under processes. Search through the list that shows up and end the process named “Outlook”.

The first step to stop Outlook hanging on loading profile. Ending the "Outlook" process via the Windows "Task Manager" app.
Ending the “Outlook” process via the Windows “Task Manager” app.

Next you will want to press the Windows key, and the “R” key at the same time. Once the “Run” box comes up, type in “Outlook.exe /safe” without the quotation marks. Press “Enter”.

Running Outlook in safe mode.
Running Outlook in safe mode.

Outlook should now open. It will ask you to choose an Outlook profile. The current profile should already be selected. Click “Ok” and Outlook should load up properly, bypassing the part where it was stuck at.

Choosing the Outlook profile on launch.
Choosing the Outlook profile on launch.

Now you will want to exit Outlook, and start it back up. The Outlook hanging on loading profile issue should be fixed permanently now.

Still having issues? Well unfortunately you may need to reset your Outlook profile completely. See our guide on how to reset your Outlook profile!

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