6 Easy Tips to Improve SEO Rank on Google

7 Easy Tricks to Improve Your SEO Rank

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Are you having issues with your website not ranking high enough on Google? Want to boost your SEO rank, but don’t know how to? Well follow our quick 7 easy and simple tips to improve your website SEO rank. (Keep in mind that SEO changes do not reflect immediately, and can take a very long time to change your rank)

Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO Rank

  1. Make sure your website load times are fast. If it doesn’t, figure out why and fix it. Pages that load quickly, are easy to use on mobile devices, and provide a great user experience will be in a better position to rank higher on Google than those that are lacking in these fields.
  2. Don’t use tables for content that is not table data. If you are using tables for content that is not actually statistical data, this will hurt your SEO. For example, if you are posting any type of statistics you would use a table. If you are posting blog content, you should never be using tables.
  3. Optimize your images. Having un-optimized images can hurt your website load times, thus hurting your SEO as well. The best way to do this is to reduce the size of your images without reducing the quality. You can use something like WP-Smush if you use WordPress for your websites to do this.
  4. Try to make your content both dense, and high quality. This means that you should try to have a lot of content, but at the same time keep the quality of the content as high as possible. Quality is always greater than quantity in this case.
  5. Use alt-text for each of your images. Adding a simple alt-text attribute to your images and videos on your website will raise your SEO ranking. Just make sure you’re using it right. Instead of the alt text being “A guy using a computer”, maybe use “A customer leaving a review for [Company name here]”. Be creative.
  6. Use only one H1 tag per page, and use other heading tags properly. If you have more than one H1 tag per page, this will hurt your SEO ranking. You should also use your other tags like a hierarchy tree. Meaning that sub-headings under an H1 should be an H2. And everything that is a sub-heading of H2 should be an H3, and so on.
  7. Use a few images in your article. Yes that’s right, not having any images in your article can actually hurt your SEO. Not only is this bad for SEO, but this is also bad for your bounce rate as well. Most users will immediately click off the content because there is nothing to grab the users attention.

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